Lauren C. Bradley is an American artist and fashion designer, living and working in Los Angeles. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Columbia College, Chicago, studying sculpture, textiles, and garment construction. Her professional career, spans from New York to Los Angeles.  A designer and style maker, Lauren approaches fashion as an art form, a lifestyle, and a performance. 

    For Lauren, every project is a unique process of personal architecture, defined by a dialogue between her subject and her interpretation of their highest beauty.  Specializing in bespoke, Lauren's passion for the highest levels of artisan craftsmanship combines the fine art of functional sculpture, with the discipline of masterly tailoring.  Steeped in old world tradition, Lauren designs and hand crafts extraordinarily detailed and exquisitely finished pieces of functional art. 

     Her creative vision has earned her a prestigious place in the entertainment industry.  She has custom designed musicians' world tours and music videos,  international brand campaigns, as well as highly visible red carpet gowns, for legendary celebrity clientele.

    In addition, Lauren creates continuous bodies of work. Her collections are staged as works of self portraiture, using herself as her own bespoke muse.  She is in the process of expanding her range, looking to allow the context of fashion to be expressed in terms of a more totally encompassed existence, where what one wears is only part of the full story. 

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